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We have a new volunteer registration system called CERVIS.  Registration steps are as follows:

1. Select “Sign In” and choose “Sign in to Manage your Profile”.

2. Enter your “email” address and your First Name.

3. If you have NOT previously created a “PROFILE” you will do so now.  This profile will remain for future use.

4. NEXT: Follow the steps to volunteer for a specific “OPPORTUNITY”.

NOTE: To volunteer you must select “Register/Apply for an Upcoming Opportunity”.  There will usually be more than one choice. (Example: An Active Disaster Site, the Reclaimed Thrift Store, or the DRT Facility.)  BE SURE you register for the correct opportunity.


NOTE:  Our registration system, Cervis, does not allow for same day registration.  Therefore, we kindly ask that you register no later than midnight the DAY BEFORE you will be arriving.  Example: You will be arriving Tuesday so please make sure you register Monday before midnight.  If for some reason you do need to do a same day registration please call Donna Powers at 757-358-4701 and she will be able to assist you.

5. You must select EVERY DAY you will be volunteering.  This must include the day you arrive on site (even if you will not be working that day) and the day you depart (even if you will not be working that day).  This is very important so we can plan for meals, sleeping arrangements, and assigning jobs.  We will be limiting a volunteer stay to a maximum of three weeks at a time.  Your stay can be extended upon approval of the lead coordinator or the directors.

6. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email (check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear). If you are registering for a DISASTER SITE, be sure to PRINT OUT this confirmation as it has important information about your visit.

7. Thank you, and we look forward to serving with you.


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