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We will be working with the Wynne church of Christ in Wynne, AR.

Volunteer registration is now open and we are accepting volunteers to arrive in Wynne, AR beginning Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Each person wishing to work with us in Wynne, AR must register.

Please click the link below to register.

Thank you!!

Wynne church of Christ
916 Bridges Ave E
Wynne, AR 72396

Ongoing Work at the DRT Warehouse

When DRT is not actively working at a disaster site there is work to be done at the DRT Warehouse in Tipp City, OH.  Check the "Volunteer Signup" page to see if we are currently taking applications for work at the Warehouse. If "DRT Warehouse" is not shown in the drop-down box it means we are NOT currently accepting volunteers at the warehouse.

If "DRT Warehouse" is shown on the drop-down, please select DRT Warehouse for your work location.  Please make sure each person in your group registers so we know how many volunteers we will have.

If you are not able to come and help physically, please pray about helping us financially.

Donations can be made through this website or by mail to:

Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team
9285 S. State Route 202

Tipp City, OH  45371

We appreciate you!

If you desire more information please contact us at 937-308-7593.

DRT Warehouse

9285 S. State Route 202

Tipp City, OH  45371

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