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Hurricane Idalia

Valdosta, GA

August 30, 2023

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UPDATE:  Saturday, September 23, 2023:  We have closed down our efforts in Valdosta, GA.  Thank you to all who volunteered with us.  And a huge thank you to the Forrest Park Church of Christ for hosting us.  It take everybody working together to get the job done.

Please continue to pray for the families that were affected by Hurricane Idalia as they continue to recover.

To make a donation online please click this button:



Donations can also be sent by mail to:

Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team

9285 S State Route 202

Tipp City, Ohio 45371


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Lahaina, HI

Island of Maui


We have been in touch with the Maui Church of Christ and will be helping with purchasing the following:

Gasoline, generators, medical supplies and equipment, automotive repair, transportation and relocation expenses, food, clothes and personal care items.

The death toll is now up to 99 with over 3,000 structures destroyed by the fires.

The church is serving as a shelter for some and providing 3 meals per day, showers and laundry service. So many families have been affected and many horrific stories. One woman came into the church with shoes burned off of her feet.

Please pray for these families and help us help them.

To make a donation online please click this button:



Donations can also be sent by mail to:

Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team

9285 S State Route 202

Tipp City, Ohio 45371

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We have a new volunteer registration system called CERVIS.  Registration steps are as follows:

1. Select “Sign In” and choose “Sign in to Manage your Profile”.

2. Enter your “email” address and your First Name.

3. If you have NOT previously created a “PROFILE” you will do so now.  This profile will remain for future use.

4. NEXT: Follow the steps to volunteer for a specific “OPPORTUNITY”.

NOTE: To volunteer you must select “Register/Apply for an Upcoming Opportunity”.  There will usually be more than one choice. (Example: An Active Disaster Site, the Reclaimed Thrift Store, or the DRT Headquarters.)  BE SURE you register for the correct opportunity.

NOTE:  Our registration system, Cervis, does not allow for same day registration.  Therefore, we kindly ask that you register no later than midnight the DAY BEFORE you will be arriving.  Example: You will be arriving Tuesday so please make sure you register Monday before midnight.  If for some reason you do need to do a same day registration please call Donna Powers at 757-358-4701 and she will be able to assist you.

5. You must select EVERY DAY you will be volunteering.  This must include the day you arrive on site (even if you will not be working that day) and the day you depart (even if you will not be working that day).  This is very important so we can plan for meals, sleeping arrangements, and assigning jobs.  We will be limiting a volunteer stay to a maximum of three weeks at a time.  Your stay can be extended upon approval of the lead coordinator or the directors.

6. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email (check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear). If you are registering for a DISASTER SITE, be sure to PRINT OUT this confirmation as it has important information about your visit.

7. Thank you, and we look forward to serving with you.


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We are so thankful for so many of you that have continued to support the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team over the years!  We are now excited to announce the opening of ReClaimed!  ReClaimed is a unique thrift store to benefit DRT!  We have everything from furniture, home decor, glassware, kitchen items, antiques/collectibles, books, clothing for all sizes, crafts and even a Hardware/tool and equipment room!


***Soon you will be able to purchase items online.  You can find ReClaimed online at:

ReClaimed is located at:

2223 Needmore Road

Dayton, OH  45414

Please take moment to watch this video about DRT.


If you find yourself in the midst of a disaster, please call the Disaster Response Team at 937-308-7593.  We want very much to be of service to God by serving you!

Acts 10:38

Jesus...who went about doing good...

Titus 3:14


Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good...



The Disaster Response Team is immediately available to the local congregation(s) in the disaster stricken area. The purpose of the Disaster Response Team is to aid the local congregation in recruiting and receiving volunteers to assist with the emotional and spiritual needs of the disaster victims and to assist them in the clean-up and rebuilding stage.



DRT’s efforts are possible through financial donations from churches and individuals from across the globe and by the wonderful volunteers who work with DRT.  DRT is in need of more volunteers as well as funding.  We guarantee that your tax deductible donation will be put to very good use helping survivors of disasters with physical, emotional and spiritual help and guidance.


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